• What is the G-amboree?

The biggest international Mercedes G / Puch G Treffen  / Meeting in the world.

- in 2015 we had over 50 Mercedes G's,

- in 2016 over 120 Mercedes G's and 250 G Wagen fanatics.

- in 2017 we had over 130 Mercedes G's.

- in 2018 we made an exclusive event, limited for 100 G's

  • I want to take part in 2018, what sould I do?


  • Where / when / how should I pay?

You can pay for the 4 days programs  only with money transfer up to 03.31.2018.

  • Can I pay with EURO in Hungary?

The Hungarian currency is the Forint (Ft, HUF). Many businesses, even including some select supermarkets accept Euros. Don't forget to check their exchange rates, as you might be better off exchanging your currency first and paying in Forints.

  • Driving laws in Hungary?

The most important: don't drink and drive! Hungary has a zero-tolerance policy toward drinking and driving.  The speed limits for a passenger car are 50/90/130km/h.

While driving, it is illegal to use cell phone.

  • Motorway toll Hungary

To use hungarian toll roads, you have to have a valid motorway sticker.

You can buy it by the  petrol stations, or by the boarder of Hungary.

More info: http://e-autopalyamatrica.hu/en

  • I need more info...

You can write us, or call us any time. We speak english, german and hungarian :)